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Klipsch R-3650-W II In-Wall... Klipsch R-3650-W II In-Wall...
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Klipsch R-3650-W II In-Wall Speaker

$359 $449
The Klipsch R-3650-W II in-wall loudspeaker offers a sophisticated yet uncomplicated listening experience. Whether used for home theater or stereo music applications, this high-performance and installer-friendly model will forever change the way you integrate sound into your life.

Martin Logan EM-IW In-Wall Speaker


The EM-IW features our exotic Folded Motion tweeter and a 6.5-inch aluminum cone woofer with cast aluminum basket that provides powerful low-frequency bass extension. This stealthy inwall speaker blends seamlessly into any home thanks to it\'s ultra-low profile, micro perforated grille with no visible bezel.

GoldenEar Invisa MPX In Wall Speaker


GoldenEar Invisa Series Ceiling Speakers / In Wall Speakers are engineered to deliver superb state-of-the-art sound quality, designed to blend perfectly with their surroundings and virtually disappear. GoldenEar’s Invisa high-performance music and home theater models consist of the Home Theater Reference (HTR) 7000, the Invisa MultiPolar™ (MPX) and the Invisa Signature Point Source (SPS). All models incorporate a magnetically attached grill-covered/hidden flange construction that helps to make them virtually invisible.

Klipsch PRO-7800-L-THX 8" In-Wall Speaker


Armed with explosive dynamics that won\'t disrupt your home’s décor the KL-7800-L-THX in-wall speaker creates dramatic and realistic experiences that rival those found in large movie theatres. Perfect for left, centre or right channel use, it commands high output with low distortion through an 203mm (8") aluminium woofer and a 25mm (1") titanium dome compression driver tweeter mated to a square 127mm (5") Tractrix horn. So powerful, you’ll wonder if it\'s legal.

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Klipsch PRO-7800-S-THX 8" In-Wall Surround Speaker


Engineered to bring real cinema sound to the comforts of home without taking up valuable floor space, the THX-8000-S offers the ultimate performance in a hidden solution loudspeaker. Lifelike sound travels around the listener with unbelievable acoustic reproduction. Every seat in the house gets cinematic audio when surround sound is being pumped through these all-new Klipsch Pro THX speakers.

Sold as a single speaker