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$195 - $16,005


Paradigm Prestige 45C Centre Speaker



  • 1" X-PAL™ tweeter with exclusive Perforated Phase-Aligning (PPA™) Tweeter Lens and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) optimized pole piece assembly.
  • 3.5" X-PAL™ brushed pure-aluminum midrange driver with SHOCK-MOUNT™ Isolation Mounting System.
  • Two 5.5" X-PAL™ brushed pure-aluminum bass drivers with overmolded ART™ surrounds and SHOCK-MOUNT™ Isolation Mounting System.

Paradigm Premier Series 200B Bookshelf Speakers


What you get in the Paradigm Premier 200B Speakers is a seriously massive amount of in-house research, engineering and hand-crafted build quality that has trickled down from Paradigms high end models. And yet we at Audio Trends believe the asking price is very reasonable by comparison with similar models from other brands.

Paradigm Monitor SE Atom bookshelf speakers


The Monitor SE Series is the goldilocks speaker range from Paradigm. Not too big, not too small, conservatively styled yet classy, impeccable fit and finish, the choice of Matte Black or Gloss White and a range to suit most domestic situations. Best of all, the price is spot on, showing you don\'t need to spend a fortune to get a great all \'round product at a truly affordable price. Go Paradigm.