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$840 - $7,005


REL S/510 Subwoofer


S/510 takes REL’s compact-medium chassis concept to reference-like levels of performance and does so with style, power and incredible speed. It delivers incredible levels of all ‘round performance. S/510 allows those with less space, or when pairing with high end speakers that are slightly less robust to have a perfect dance partner when the S/812 is simply too much of a great thing.

REL S/812 Subwoofer


The S/812 takes REL’s medium chassis concept to reference-like levels of performance and does so with style, beauty and devastating power. It delivers incredible levels of all ‘round performance for both music and film sound, gives listeners a taste of what the reference models offer, and does so at a fraction of the cost.

REL T-Zero MkIII Subwoofer


REL T-ZERO MkIII - Miracle In Miniature

T-Zero is, in many ways, the most difficult design REL have ever executed because never before have they delivered so much for so little. Five coats of your choice of black or white high gloss lacquer as in all Serie T, NextGen Class D amplifiers, their famous High-Level Input, plus a separate .1/LFE input stage with its own volume control to get theatre levels AND music perfect without racing to adjust or looking for a remote control.

REL HT/1003 Subwoofer


Allright! A REL Subwoofer specifically designed for making bomb blasts sound more realistic. Bring it on. Even though this is the baby of the HT range, don\'t let its compact size fool you. This sucker has some serious punch.

For when there is simply neither the space nor the need for all the output of the larger HT model. HT/1003 applies the same approach as its impressive stable mate and scales it down by just a little. 10” high-powered, long throw driver and 300W means it has plenty of power on demand. This unit is intended primarily for high powered home theatre applications, immersive gaming set-ups, and pairs nicely with active powered loudspeakers. Scaled down design, up-sized performance.

REL HT/1205 Subwoofer


Allright! A REL Subwoofer specifically designed for making bomb blasts & volcano eruptions sound more realistic. Bring it on. This is the big brother in the HT range and brings some serious mumbo to the party. Guaranteed to blow your socks (and almost everything else) off. Get ready - this sucker has some serious punch and it\'s coming to get you.

HT/1205 home theatre subwoofer delivers a brand new 500W Class D power amplifier design, coupled to a 12” (300mm) long travel driver to deliver extremely high output in an attractive design. HT is a powerhouse for dedicated high powered home theatre applications, that will also transform the gaming experience and partners nicely with active wireless speakers.

REL HT/1508 Predator Subwoofer


All right! This REL Subwoofer is specifically designed for flapping your trousers, or whatever else isn’t thoroughly tied down. It isn’t just about making bomb blasts & volcano eruptions sound more realistic though. Home Theatre sound can and should at times be light, playful, funny and at other times terrifying or awe-inspiring. The HT/1508 can do all of this and more. Get ready - this beast of a subwoofer has some serious punch, it’s not called Predator for nothing, and it\'s coming to get you.

REL T5x Subwoofer


No model in REL’s long history has sold more units nor engendered more affection than the T/5. Here, reimagined in a modern, elegant, new form factor, T/5x’s mission remains the same: make remarkable bass far beyond its modest size, do so in a way that complements every interior’s style, and eliminate all visual distraction. Mission Accomplished.

REL T7x Subwoofer


T/7x is the perfect answer for the real world. It’s compact enough (and beautiful enough) to end arguments before they begin; while powerful enough to easily answer most needs and balanced enough to blend beautifully with many of the quality speakers out there and still flexible enough to work in specialty applications.

REL T9x Subwoofer


REL\'s Serie T/x is instantly seen as crisper, fresher, and a full upgrade over the previous iteration. Their goals were not simply to improve upon its illustrious predecessor, but to deliver as much as possible of their latest Serie S models on a budget. Faster, more transparent sounding system performance awaits you with higher output levels and even greater impact.

REL Carbon Special Subwoofer


Carbon Special is a new limited availability model that combines REL’s latest engineering with cutting edge components from the reference line, all housed in a moderately sized chassis. It features their third-generation carbon fibre 12” driver with a new, bespoke Carbon Fibre passive driver that delivers 50% longer stroke, powered by a 1,000 watt amplifier, itself guided by REL’s CS PerfectFilter™.