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$2,295 - $9,000

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Thiel SCS4 Speakers


Small yet extremely versatile. Unassuming visually, yet a sonic force. The SCS4 is a 2-way loudspeaker that performs equally well as an excellent full-range stereo pair, surround-sound, or center-channel speaker.

Thiel CS 1.7 Speakers
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Thiel CS 1.7 Speakers

$4,165 $5,950

The CS1.7, is the latest in a long and proud line of two-way Coherent Source floorstanding loudspeakers beginning with the historic Model 04a. As with any THIEL, the design goals were to play music with the utmost fidelity possible – achieving excellence in tonal balance, dynamic range, spatial recreation, and clarity.

Thiel TM3 Bookshelf Speakers


A Bookshelf Speaker With a Large Sound

You’ll be surprised at the big, robust sound that comes from our new TM3. Each and every element of this system makes a critical contribution. From the Titanium domed tweeter to the customized woofer, all housed in a rigid, braced cabinet to reduce interference, so pure sound fills your room.

Thiel TT1 Floorstanding Speakers


A tower system has to have plenty of energy in reserve so it can effortlessly deliver the full impact of dramatic sound effects, symphonic crescendos, or progressive metal onslaughts. At the same time, it has to reveal a singer’s pause for breath, the merest touch of a fingertip on a harp string, or the way Miles weaves like a fighter in front of the microphone. And THIEL Engineering achieves it all – in the TT1.