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Melody Pro88 Integrated Tube Amplifier


Power and dynamics in this amplifier designed to achieve a high-impact soundstage. The heat of the tubes is based on a great and balanced dynamic. The PRO 88 are considered as being the tubes with a very high power while maintaining a wide dynamic range; this is an amplifier for those who want a refined power.
Integrated Amplifier in A-B1 class.

Melody AN211 Integrated Tube Amplifier


The Melody AN211 is a Single Ended Triode (SET)16 watts/ch. class A integrated amplifier that uses the 211×2, 4P1Sx2, 12AX7x1, 5U4x1 tube complement. It weighs in at 88 pounds, has four RCA and one set of balanced inputs, hand soldered point-to-point wiring, a larger-than 88dB signal-to-noise ratio and 1% THD.

Melody DPM80 Integrated Tube Amplifier


The Melody DPM80 integrated tube amplifier is the power house in our mid-range amplifiers. This tube amp offers an output power of 2x 75 watts strong Class B amplification. The DPM80 is our mid-range integrated amp and for this price range you can expect quite a punch. The amp is as such made for music lovers who love a tight bass.