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Vitus Audio MP-T201 MK2 CD Transport


The Masterpiece Series has in fact been on our internal road map for some years, but was not supposed to be introduced until 2011. However as the number of requests from the market increased, we decided to bring development forward and launch this very special series early. We think it is some- what fitting for a range of products that are ahead of their time!

Vitus Audio RP-102 Phono Stage (MM/MC)


The sun reflects in the shiny rims. For a brief moment you\'re blinded. The sheer firmness, stability and power that they radiate is exceptional. 21 inch wheels transduce the engine output of the rubber that tames the road. When accelerating, the generated torque puts pressure on all wheels. They never spin out of control. Their agility and grip remains stable, even if you\'re in for a long spin. With the precision of a needle sensing the groove they rotate with an exact speed or rpm. It\'s like being in love with a selection of records: you get to enjoy them over and over again. You fall in love with their look and shape, similar to that first set of exclusive rims. You are right on track with the RP-102 Phono Stage.

Vitus Audio RL-102 Line Stage Preamplifier


Upgrading from an integrated amplifier to a combination of a line stage with one or more power amplifiers is like shifting to the next gear. No, not your typical switch with a standard manual gearbox! You\'re pushing the engine over 7000 rpm. It unleashes its maximum power output. Feel the torque pushing the chasis to its limits. Tires cry out. You take decisive action and flip the paddles on the steering wheel. The double clutch, high precision transmission releases the engine in a split second. Control, ease and tranquility settle in. You are right on track with the RL-102 Line Stage.

Vitus Audio RD-101 DAC/Preamplifier


You reach out to your pocket. Therein lies the key to advanced and futuristic technology. Gently you push… The system of the ultimate sports car becomes alive. An overwhelming feeling becomes you. Almost unlimited processing power becomes available to ensure pristine performance. It’s crystal clear that you’re in the drivers seat: impressed, but in control. All instruments call out to take it for a spin. Then you realize this fine piece of machinery is reference, top notch. You are right on track with the RD- 101 Stereo DAC.

Vitus Audio SCD-025 MK2 Signature CD Player


When you sail a yacht in open sea, you trust the GPS to determine your location. The biggest part of a sailing experience exists of pure analog operations; from hoisting the sails to changing course. To take a nap in the cabin or cook a nice meal in the yachts kitchen, you don\'t need any digital support. When adjusting the heading or entering a new course, the digital power is put to work. The digital support guarantees the best analog experience. Just like with our SCD-025 mk.II. Although this CD / DAC is packed with digital top-notch technology, it offers the best analog sound out there! You\'re steering right into the direction of the Signature CD / DAC (SCD-025 mk. II).

Vitus Audio SD-025 DAC


The ultimate digital product with the ultimate analogue sound!

After the phemonenal success of the SCD-025 mk2 Vitus were bombarded with requests to make a version of  the SCD but without the CD replay option, literally just a DAC at the same level of performance for those people who no longer use CD as a reply medium. The SD-025 is the result. It is basically an SCD-025 mk2 without the CD mechanism on the top.

Analogue outputs are available on both RCA and XLR terminatoons.

Vitus Audio RI-101 MK2 Integrated Amplifier


It’s still early in the morning. You feel the first warming rays of the sun on your skin, while she appears on the horizon. Dew fills the racetrack with a mysterious glow. Test engineers remove the cloth of their creation. The silhouette of their statement cuts through the fog. Razor sharp. Ready to surprise everyone, to exceed his or her expectations. A moment of absolute silence. The world stands still, just for a brief moment. You can feel your heart beating. You’ve been living up to this moment. A loud roar brings you back to reality and it never looked and felt so good. You are right on track with the RI-101 Integrated Amplifier.

Vitus Audio MP-M201 Mono Power Amplifier


This was the toughest design task in Vitus Audio’s history so far. Designing a poweramplifier specifically meant for bi-amping complex speaker systems, addressing the typical issues in such systems, including their external active cross- overs and dedicated amplifiers for the bass system, quickly becomes extremly complex.

Vitus Audio SM-011 Class A Mono Power Amplifiers


The new SM-011 – is taking the SM-010 into a whole new level, like the SIA-025 did based on the SS-010.  With no upgradability, nor backwords compatibility needed, the Vitus design team had free hands to push the boundaries even further. With the SIA-025 in mind, a new platform was created that will satisfy a much broader audience.

Vitus Audio SIA-030 Integrated Amplifier


Creating a product intended to be a model up from a much coveted and multi-award-winning icon, the SIA-025 in this instance, is no easy task. A casual exploration of the sheer number of accompanying 5-star reviews and awards from all over the world tells you all you need to know. The SIA-025 has become a glittering halo in the world of integrated amplifiers so the SIA-030 always had its work cut out in no uncertain terms.