VisuaLax 110" Fixed Frame TV Cinema Entertainment Projector Screen


Add a fabulous fixed frame projection screen to your home. It will be the main "show" in your family room or home theater!

Just like the TV wall mount, this fixed projector screen will make any room special and inviting. There\'s no comparison between our projector screen and run-of-the-mill pull-down or motorized projection screens. With the differences, there are many pluses.

Paradigm Monitor SE 2000C Centre Speaker


The Monitor SE Series is the goldilocks speaker range from Paradigm. Not too big, not too small, conservatively styled yet classy, impeccable fit and finish, the choice of Matte Black or Gloss White and a range to suit most domestic situations. Best of all, the price is spot on, showing you don\'t need to spend a fortune to get a great all \'round product at a truly affordable price. Go Paradigm.

GoldenEar Invisa 650 In Ceiling Speaker


The Invisa 525 and 650 ceiling speakers / in wall speakers come standard with a round, paintable MagneLock™ grille and there is an optional square grille available. Special attention has been given to achieving wide sonic dispersion that is so important in distributed audio systems. The tweeters twist and pivot to optimize performance and a high-frequency equalization switch allows precise matching to any environment.

Dynaudio Excite X44... Dynaudio Excite X44...
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  • -$2,099

Dynaudio Excite X44 Floorstanding Speakers

$3,900 $5,999


The new Dynaudio Excite range combines real high-end sound quality with an elegant, slim-line design. The Excite models can be driven quite effortlessly by almost any amplifier due to their amp-friendly design and their significantly upgraded ultra-efficient driver technology. 

Finishes available

  • White Satin (brand new in boxes)
  • Walnut Satin (ex demo)
PS Audio P3 Stellar Power... PS Audio P3 Stellar Power...
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  • On sale!
  • -20%

PS Audio P3 Stellar Power Plant

$3,116 $3,895

Providing 300 watts of continuous power output and peaks of 900 watts, the P3 is the perfect companion for source gear and systems running high efficiency Class D amps like the Stellar M700 monoblocks. Designed with elegant simplicity in mind, the P3 is a plug and play device that will provide you with perfect power without any fuss.

Denon D-M41 DAB Mini System Denon D-M41 DAB Mini System
  • -16%
  • -16%

Denon D-M41 DAB Mini System

$1,007 $1,199

Building on the multi-award winning D-M40DAB, the new D-M41DAB features improved sound, style and facilities. The newly-developed discrete analogue amplifier circuit reduces signal paths for greater clarity and impact, while the new Bluetooth implementation combines convenience with an off switch to reduce its influence on the sound of other sources when not in use. Meanwhile the new cosmetic design echoes that of Denon\'s flagship \'NE\' separates. The RCD-M41DAB center unit also has two digital optical inputs to hook up a TV, set-top box or other digital gear that deserves improved audio quality, and has a built-in CD player plus FM radio and DAB+, while the new SC-M41 speakers are European Sound Tuned to complement the CD receiver\'s performance.

VisuaLax 140" Fixed Frame High Contrast Grey Projector Screen


Why gray Screens?

The concept of the gray screen was first introduced by Stewart Filmscreen with their Grayhawk product in 2001, and gray screens have become immensely popular ever since.

Gray screens are often called high contrast screens because their purpose is to boost contrast on digital projectors in viewing rooms that are not entirely dark. The gray screen absorbs ambient light that strikes it better than a white screen does. In so doing the black level on the screen is maintained. This works because, assuming the projector has ample lumen output as most digital projectors do, whites remain satisfyingly white while blacks are maintained at a deeper black. The net effect is to increase the contrast range of the image on the screen.