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Vienna Acoustics The Music Floorstanding Speakers


“To the age its art, to art its freedom” These are the words above the entry of the famous Secession in Vienna´s city centre. From its beginning, the most significant contributor and father, Gustav Klimt became forever immortalized into the art fabric that is Vienna. Passion, innovation and harmony are only a few of the words that evoke Klimt and his art.

Vienna Acoustics The Kiss Floorstanding Speakers


The Kiss


Following the introduction of the flagship of our Klimt Series™, The Music, we present the smaller yet no compromise model, The Kiss.
As its larger sibling, The Kiss is based on the same revolutionary and patented Flat-Spider-Cone coincident driver system. This new design is able to produce the Platonic ideal of the entire critical seven octave human vocal range and beyond in a single, phase coherent time plain without any of the normal horn loading and compression present in most conventional designs. Not only does this technical innovation free the sound of virtually all mechanical interference, it also allows for great placement freedom that is normally not experienced nor expected in a reference speaker system.

Vienna Acoustics Liszt Floorstanding Speakers


"Music is the heart of life."

Franz Liszt


Perhaps the most technically advanced pianist of his era, Franz Liszt was noted for astounding improvisations and innovating new forms of music.
Like its namesake, the Imperial Series LISZT is a marvel of technical command ­– the latest improvisation upon a revolutionary Vienna Acoustics design that sets a new standard in sound.

Vienna Acoustics Poetry Centre Speaker


When high performance home theatres were first conceived, the centre channel was the weakest link. With this movement in the Klimt Series, all compromise ends. Built around the same revolutionary Coincident Music Center are mounted (2) proprietary 23cm X3P woofers. For the first time all the true dynamics and vocal clarity of new high-resolution theater playback has an appropriate loudspeaker.