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Bryston Model A2... Bryston Model A2...
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Bryston Model A2 Floorstanding Speakers (Ex Demo)

$3,599 $4,799

The A2 is, for many, the perfect loudspeaker. It\'s big enough to produce nearly full range sound at realistic output levels, yet small enough to fit happily into most rooms and priced less than you\'d expect. By using a linear array of small diameter drivers, Bryston is able to optimize the off axis response to produce an unusually broad listening window. The listening window is a measurement that indicates how linear the off-axis ferquency response remains and is an indicator of tonal neutrality as well as imaging ability.

Consider that it\'s made in Canada, guaranteed for 20 years, is ideally sized, and sounds downright awesome, and you\'ve got a perfect recipe for home audio bliss.