Polk Audio RTI A3 Bookshelf Speakers


Close your eyes on our largest RTiA bookshelf speaker and you\'ll believe you\'re listening to floorstanding speakers. It features a 6 1/2-inch Dynamic Balance® woofer, 1-inch Dynamic Balance dome tweeter and 150 Watt power handling, Mark Marcantonio from Affordable Audio comments "The timbre and spacious presentation was dead on," and "The clarity of all vocals (no nasal or fuzziness) makes for an easy and non-fatiguing listening experience."

Polk Audio RTi A1 Bookshelf Speakers


The RTiA1 looks and sounds simply phenomenal. Ideal for both home theater and music systems, this compact bookshelf speaker combines a 5.25” Dynamic Balance® midbass driver with a 1” Dynamic Balance dome tweeter to provide solid performance and elegant styling in a convenient size.

Thiel SCS4 Speakers


Small yet extremely versatile. Unassuming visually, yet a sonic force. The SCS4 is a 2-way loudspeaker that performs equally well as an excellent full-range stereo pair, surround-sound, or center-channel speaker.

Tannoy Autograph Mini Bookshelf Speakers


The Autograph Mini GR is a hugely scaled-down but authentic version of a loudspeaker that was famous throughout the audio world fifty years ago. Reduced to a fraction of the size of the immense and revered original Tannoy Autograph this exquisite replica is the ultimate modern retro audio product. Its diminutive size and accurately detailed finish produce a modern day classic that will embellish the most contemporary surroundings.

Harbeth HL-Compact 7ES-3 Bookshelf Speakers


\'Magic carpet ride\' experience in a medium-sized enclosure.

The medium-sized speakers, HLCompact 7ES-3 successfully combine identifiable Harbeth’s smoothness with modern elegance for reproducing of all types of musical challenges. Part of the secret for the unspoiled integration of the attributes is in the speakers’ crossover. The crossover design brings out a stable speaker, effectively resistant to the stand height.

The medium dimension of this model does not represent any sort of limitations when it comes to the memorable experience the speakers bring into the listening room. Just the opposite, HL Compact 7ES-3 takes the spotless Harbeth-exclusive RADIAL2™ cone technology to another, elevated, performance level.


Harbeth Super HL5 Plus Loudspeakers


Harbeth\'s Super HL5plus produces breathtaking transparency, a huge soundstage and total immersion in the performance. This speaker creates rich bass and sweet midrange that brings acoustic music alive.

The latest generation of Dudley Harwood\'s original HL-Monitor. The cabinet is engineered in the BBC tradition of removable \'thin-wall\' panels for a true-to-life sound.

Available in Cherry ($7450), Eucalyptus/Rosewood/Tiger Ebony ($7800) finishes.

Harbeth Monitor 30.1 Loudspeakers


The multi award-winning M30.1 offers a smooth, controlled and well-rounded sound which excels on acoustic music.

It is an extraordinary experience, listening to a best-loved acoustic on the Harbeths’ M30.1 monitors.

Unbelievably clear and life bringing sound-stage produced via this medium space saver monitors, makes the listening rooms to look big and at the same time, pleasurable listening setting.

Harbeth M30.1 is a primary choice for numerous audio experts, among them, multiple figures of Britain’s National and Television School and British Library’s National Sound Archive engineers.

Thiel TM3 Bookshelf Speakers


A Bookshelf Speaker With a Large Sound

You’ll be surprised at the big, robust sound that comes from our new TM3. Each and every element of this system makes a critical contribution. From the Titanium domed tweeter to the customized woofer, all housed in a rigid, braced cabinet to reduce interference, so pure sound fills your room.

GoldenEar AON 3 Bookshelf Speakers


The compact, 14" Tall Aon 3 Bookshelf Monitor (on left in photo to right, with grille sock removed) incorporates a 7", High-Definition, Multi-Vaned Phase Plug (MVPP™), cast-basket Mid-Bass Driver, coupled to two 8" Inertially-balanced side-mounted Low Frequency Radiators and the GoldenEar High-Velocity Folded Ribbon Tweeter (HVFR™).

GoldenEar AON 2 Bookshelf Speakers


The ultra-compact, 12" Tall Aon 2 Bookshelf Monitor (on right in the photo to right) incorporates a 6", High-Definition, Multi-Vaned Phase Plug (MVPP™), cast-basket Mid-Bass Driver, coupled to two 6-1/2" Inertially-balanced side-mounted Low Frequency Radiators and the GoldenEar High-Velocity Folded Ribbon Tweeter (HVFR™).

Dynaudio Emit M10 Bookshelf... Dynaudio Emit M10 Bookshelf...
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  • -20.1%

Dynaudio Emit M10 Bookshelf Speakers

$798 $999

Don’t go assuming that a compact speaker has small-scale sound. The M10’s 14cm MSP mid/bass driver and 28mm soft-dome tweeter team up with a first-order crossover and a forgiving linear 6 ohm impedance that lets them play nicely with pretty much any amp you plug them into. The tuned bass-reflex port and long-throw driver are optimised for smaller and mid-size rooms, and our designers have made sure they’ll still work shoved up against a wall or on a shelf – because they know not everyone has (or wants) a dedicated listening room.

Dynaudio Emit M20 Bookshelf... Dynaudio Emit M20 Bookshelf...
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Dynaudio Emit M20 Bookshelf Speakers

$1,038 $1,299

The Emit M20 is ideal for small- to medium-sized rooms or anywhere where space is limited – such as on a bookshelf or sideboard. You get a 17cm mid/bass driver designed to fill mid-size and larger rooms. The 28mm soft-dome tweeter remains, of course; we’ve spent 40 years working on our tweeters, and until one of our engineers rushes in brandishing something revolutionary and shouting “I’ve done it!” (which, admittedly, does sometimes happen), we see no reason to change.