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Audia Flight Phono Phonostage


Audia Flight Phono MM / MC Phono Stage

After 2 years of developing Audia Flight is proud to introduce his new phono preamp. A separate power supply, the dedicate input preamplifier boards, the high gain (74dB in his maximum selection), the low noise are only few of his characteristic. Of course the separate power supply was choice to improve the shield of the preamp and to reduce to zero the vibrations and resonance from the transformers.

Audia Flight FLS1 Stereo Preamplifier


F L S 1

Stereo, full balanced preamplifier with headphone amplifier

FLS1 highlights

We have announced the FLS1 about three year ago but we have spent three years more to introduce the FLS1. It was crucial for Audia Flight team the experience made with the Strumento n.1 mk2 worldwide awarded preamplifier.

Audia Flight Strumento N°1 mk2 Stereo Preamplifie​r


It has long been said, “the heart of any audio system is the preamplifier.” The preamplifier’s job sounds simple: convey a purity of sound, without
coloration or adulteration of original audio signal, with nothing being added but also nothing being lost in translation.
Okay, so it’s not that easy. And yet that’s where our efforts at Audia Flight have elevated the preamplifier state of the art.

Audia Flight FLS10 Integrated Amplifier


F L S 10 Stereo, full balanced integrated amplifier

FLS10 highlights

The FLS10 is the perfect choice for a hi-end integrated amplifier. Heart of FLS10 is the FLS4 power amplifier. In effect the power amplifier of theFLS10 use same technology of FLS4 power amplifier, where speed, power, driving capability and control ability are elements close to perfection.

Audia Flight FL Three S Integrated Amplifier


Audia Flight Three S Integrated Amplifier

After achieving big experience with the Flight Three and also with the Strumento line, Audia Flight is proud to introduce the Flight Three S integrated amplifier.

OPTIONAL BOARDS (can be retrofitted):
phono MC/MM (replaces analog Input 1);  AU$5,740.00Price

USB 24bit 192KHz DAC (becomes Input 6) AU$5,840.00Price