Opera Seconda Speakers(Ex...
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Opera Seconda Speakers(Ex Demo)

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Today Louspeakes Opera is one of the few manufacturers that uses the closed box  to load the woofer. The new Opera Second after the success of its predecessor, is still a two-way  and a half system, floor standing, sealed box, but has been completely updated: new structure of the cainet, new speakers and new crossover. 

Opera Grand Callas Speakers


The new Grand Callas model is a three-way floorstanding speaker that replaces the previous model with the same name. This new version has been completely redesigned from top to bottom. In fact, the performance of this new Grand Callas is at the same level as our classic Tebaldi model, but with a significant reduction in footprint, room placement flexibility and price.This low-range loaded reflex design uses two 8” long-throw woofers, a 7" annealed polypropylene midrange and a 1" Scanspeak 9700 tweeter. The diffuser is complemented by a rear radiation system that uses two tweeters configured as a natural dipole.