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Stillpoints Ultra Base


The Stillpoints Ultra Base improves the performance of Ultra 5, Ultra 6 or Ultra SS footers. By adding extra elevation and isolation to your equipment, you\'ll hear improvements in soundstaging, resolution, and musical refinement.

MoFi Electronics Ultra Low Noise Feet


Developed in coordination with the acoustic experts at Harmonic Resolution Systems, Mobile Fidelity Ultra Low Noise Feet provide substantial vibration control and noise reduction for any component under which they are placed. Featuring an outer housing comprised of milled aluminum, the 1.578-inch-tall feet dramatically lower the noise floor across the entire audio band while doing no harm in the frequency and phase domain, allowing you to hear more detail, nuance, texture, tone, focus, and clarity from all of your music.

Solid Tech Feet Of Silence Solid Tech Feet Of Silence
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Solid Tech Feet Of Silence

$697 $774

The amazing Feet of Silence may be the finest isolation devices of their kind. The design allows for movement in both the horizontal and vertical planes. These can be used in a wide variety of equipment installations, not just Solid Tech racks. The suspension rings may be switched to accomodate heavier components (alternate heavy-duty rings are available separately).