Trigon ADVANCE - phono amplifier for MM and MC systems with integrated battery power supply and external (charger) power supply. Pure battery power when ADVANCE mains interference to the sensitive phono signals and allows uncontrolled technical natural music reproduction.

Luxman PD-151 Turntable


There\'s a reason Luxman branded PD-151 an "analog player" rather than a turntable. The name reflects the extreme lengths the famed audiophile company went to ensure this premium Japanese-made component addresses the shortcomings that plague even high-end turntables – an approach that effectively places PD-151 in a category of its own. Devised to preserve all the delicate beauty inherent to vinyl playback while offering 33, 45, and 78RPM options, the belt-drive analog player acts to prevent the slight variations in speed that blur pitch and cause veiling; defeat the vibrations that stem from turning up the volume and cause cartridges and other internal parts to transmit ruinous resonance; and ensure optimally smooth rotation, stability, and damping.

Transrotor TRA 9 Flagship Series 9" Tonearm


Transrotor decided that it was time to design, create and build their own tonearm.

For Transrotor there was no lack of practical experience with the best tonearms in the world as well as relevant knowledge and access to the most modern production methods available. Transrotor wrote ease of use and simple adjustability at the top of the specification list.



TRIGON Vanguard II – Phono stage for MM and MC systems. Externally accessible dip-switches allow perfect matching of gain, impedance and capacitance to suit a wide range of phono cartridges. Its external power supply allows to install the Vanguard II phono stage near the turntable, maintaining a short and direct signal path while minimizing interference. 



Trigon Volcano III – optional micro-processor controlled battery supply for Trigon phono stages Vanguard I and Vanguard II.
The Volcano III is a logical upgrade for all Trigon Vanguard I and Vanguard II phono stages that does not require any technical modifications – the upgrade can be installed by the user in a few moments.

Ayon Spheris Phonostage


“State of the art”
The Spheris – Phonostage is designed to be the new reference standard in vacuum-tube phonostage pre-amplification, and for audiophiles who will accept nothing less than simply the best. It is a marvel of engineering with its unique tube circuit design and construction. This preamplifier sets a new standard for natural musical performance with its extraordinarily wide bandwidth, extremely low distortion, colorful, superior dynamic range and an airy three-dimensional holographic soundstage.

The external Spheris AC~ Regenerator offers stable, regulated and purified AC power regardless of the incoming AC line quality. This power supply provides a lowered noise floor, more liquidity, better spatial three-dimensional imaging, greater focus, richer colors and no glare & haze.