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$2,580 - $88,515


Bel Canto e.One REF501S Power Amplifier


The Bel Canto REF501S is an outstanding entry point to Bel Canto standalone power amps. It has plenty of power to drive a wide variety of speakers, but has seen a significant upgrade in the quality of power over the former REF500S with Bel Canto’s custom NCore implementation. It’s an ideal match to Bel Canto’s Pre5 preamplifier, or driven directly by the Bel Canto DAC2.8 DAC control preamp.

Bel Canto e1X DAC Control Preamplifier


The E1X DAC Control Preamp marks entry into Bel Canto\'s Advanced Integrated Platform that combines their high-resolution DAC, streamer, and phono stage into a single chassis that is designed for music lovers who want an uncomplicated, uncompromised, and exhilarating home audio experience.