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Luxman PD-151 Turntable


There\'s a reason Luxman branded PD-151 an "analog player" rather than a turntable. The name reflects the extreme lengths the famed audiophile company went to ensure this premium Japanese-made component addresses the shortcomings that plague even high-end turntables – an approach that effectively places PD-151 in a category of its own. Devised to preserve all the delicate beauty inherent to vinyl playback while offering 33, 45, and 78RPM options, the belt-drive analog player acts to prevent the slight variations in speed that blur pitch and cause veiling; defeat the vibrations that stem from turning up the volume and cause cartridges and other internal parts to transmit ruinous resonance; and ensure optimally smooth rotation, stability, and damping.

Clear Audio Emotion SE Turntable 2nd Edition


Resonance reducing chassis design, outsourced motor unit, solid, satiniced 20mm acrylic chassis, a 28mm GS-Acryl platter and height adjustable turntable feet incl. clearaudio magnetic bearing (CMB). Transparent, incl. Satisfy Carbon dw.

The Emotion SE package offers a complete solution to the music lover who is looking for superior sound and authentic music reproduction, but without the need for specialist technical help in matching turntable components.

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Phono USB Turntable with Ortofon OM10 Cartridge


\'Vinyl won\'t survive,\' they said, throughout the transition era where tapes reigned supreme and CDs started to emerge. When music started to be digitised, compressed, and turned into something it wasn\'t. They didn\'t count on us remembering that classic sound, that quality, that had the potential to move us.

And then we came along with the Debut model. Beginning production in the late 90s in the Czech town of Litovel, East of Prague, we wanted to change the game with a low cost turntable that could bring that experience back. So we did.

Available Colours: Piano Black

Pro-Ject Essential II... Pro-Ject Essential II...
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Pro-Ject Essential II Turntable with Ortofon OM5e Cartridge

$593 $659
Sometimes, you don\'t need frills. You don\'t need all the bells and whistles. It\'s not about flashy designs, unnecessary innovations or reinventing the wheel. Sometimes, you just need the essentials, done right.
Pro-Ject\'s first Essential turntable was released just for this purpose. It was the \'everything you need, nothing you don\'t\' turntable. And now they have updated it for even easier use and better performance with the Pro-Ject Essential II.
Many modern audio systems, such as receivers, soundbars, multiroom audio systems, TVs and Bluetooth speakers offer limited inputs and sometimes even digital only! An unique belt-drive turntable with built-in MM preamplifier that features digital optical as well as analogue RCA output options. Comes equipped with acrylic dust cover and felt mat.
Pro-Ject The Classic Evo... Pro-Ject The Classic Evo...
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Pro-Ject The Classic Evo Turntable

$2,159 $2,399

No cartridge $2449

With Ortofon 2M Black $3499

With Ortofon Quintet Black $3899

The Classic meets the 175 VPO to melt design-ideas The new Classic Evo is based on the successful EISA Award winner The Classic and the experience we won designing and building our icon turntable the 175 VPO. The main improvement is the sub-platter, where we used the experience we gained from designing the Vienna Philharmonic Recordplayer to add key changes to the Classic Evo, adding performance features that are rarely seen in this price category. For improved comfort, an electronic speed change was built in, which lets you switch from 33 to 45 rpm (and vice versa) with the push of a button.



Its hybrid bearing on high-precision balls and magnets make the Magnify tonearm something special. This innovative design not only ensures interference-free and resonance optimized playback, it also noticeably simplifies set-up and adjustment. The headshell and azimuth can be easily fine-tuned and with the optional VTA-Lifter it is possible to adjust the VTA even during playback.

This tonearm defines the standards – not least because it is compatible with many cartridges. It is equipped with high quality Clearaudio Direct Wire in a continuous run from the cartridge connectors to the tonearm cable plugs. A tonearm that stands for ultimate sound clarity.



If mechanical parts do not touch, there can be no friction. The Clarify tonearm uses magnetic bearings and is therefore completely frictionless.

The Clarify can be used with virtually all cartridges with a weight from 2.5 to 19 grams, but reaches its maximum performance potential and richest sound when combined with the Ovation turntable and a Clearaudio moving coil (MC) cartridge.