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Paradigm Persona C Centre Speaker


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Persona™ is a showcase of vanguard materials and Paradigm’s most advanced audio technologies, all entirely Crafted in Canada.

The evolution of luxury is a heritage of high performance and value.

Engineered to “take on the persona” of your audio performance, each speaker virtually disappears behind an unprecedented level of realism and transparency. Whether you’re passionate about classic two-channel stereo, or an enveloping multichannel home theatre system, Persona’s combination of innovation, performance and elegance introduces luxury in an indulgent new class of loudspeaker.

The Persona C – A Centre Speaker Designed to Match the New Persona Range of Speakers

The Persona C Centre Channel is the starting point for a remarkable home theatre system. Timbre-matched to the Persona line, with identical dispersion, transitions are seamless and realistic.

Persona’s tandem Truextent® Beryllium tweeter and mid-range driver system anchors the action to your screen with an extraordinary level of accurate detail. For truly stupendous theatrics, imagine two pairs of Persona 9H with three Persona C Centre Channels across, under or behind your screen! As with the whole Persona line, the performance of the Persona C is effectively free of common loudspeaker-generated interference like distortion or tonal colouration.

Over Three Decades of Innovation.

Elegantly Curved Cabinet

Designed, engineered and Crafted in Canada, this heavy duty, non-resonant cabinet is an intricate system of rigid enclosures, braced and damped to defeat vibrations and internal standing waves. Offered in a variety of beautiful finishes, its presence makes a forceful statement, but its performance remains utterly transparent.

Seven Layer HDF Construction

Construction of the beautifully curved and completely inert enclosures begins with seven layers of HDF wood composite material and Viscoelastic adhesive placed in a custom press. The enclosures are treated with radio-frequency (RF) energy to accelerate the curing process, which takes almost a week to complete. The result is a strong, constrained layered damped enclosure that’s the perfect acoustical foundation from which to build upon.

Perforated Phase-Aligning (PPA) Driver Lenses

A patent pending technology for our Beryllium tweeter and mid-range drivers, this exclusive design blocks out-of-phase frequencies which increases and smooths output without colouring the sound, while also protecting the crown jewels of the Persona series, the expensive Beryllium drivers, from getting damaged.

Active Ridge Technology (ART™) Surrounds

Paradigm’s patented† Active Ridge Technology (ART™) surrounds, made in-house and overmolded directly onto each cone, achieve greater excursion for a 3dB gain in distortion-free output (50% greater) compared to drivers with standard surrounds. Crafted from audiophile-grade injection-molded thermoplastic elastomer, ART surrounds are more durable and reliable, for a lifetime of superior sound.

X-PAL™ Woofer Drivers

X-PAL pure-aluminium cones blend lightweight stiffness with high consistency for a greater degree of accuracy and smooth, uncoloured frequency response. Combined with ART surrounds, these woofers produce truly huge bass with no threat of flexing or distortion.

Driver Materials

99.9% Pure Beryllium

One of the keys to Persona’s luxury and value is our use of Beryllium, the absolute best diaphragm material, typically found only in speakers costing considerably more. Persona uses Truextent® Pure Beryllium that is specially formulated to be exponentially stiffer and significantly lighter than other premium diaphragm materials. It enables superior transient response and virtual transparency, with vanishingly low audible colouration.

Beryllium is a rare chemical element (Be) with low mass, high tensile strength and high thermal stability.

It is incredibly rigid and lightweight; everything an audio engineer desires in a speaker cone. In fact, Beryllium has been used in the audio industry since the 1970s. Because of its use in only the finest (and most expensive) audio equipment, it has retained a certain “cult” status.

Precise control of the manufacturing process produces Beryllium with a highly uniform grain structure. This material is many times more rigid and less dense than more common cone materials. In industry testing, our Beryllium cone material exhibits substantial improvements in durability, speed, and reduced interference. It can add more than an octave of distortion-free output.

Tandem Beryllium drivers reveal the full range of high performance.

Paradigm’s Persona is the only loudspeaker in its class to achieve this level of performance using Beryllium material for both midrange and tweeter drivers. Every model in the Persona Series features Truextent Beryllium driver systems, and each model achieves a truly unexpected level of high-resolution detail, depth and dynamics thanks in part to rare, extraordinary Beryllium.

Crafted in Canada

All products that carry the Crafted in Canada logo are completely designed, engineered, and built at Paradigm’s manufacturing facility just outside of Toronto, Canada.

Sure, it might be easier to say “Made in Canada,” or “Manufactured in Canada,” but building speakers is an art. Everyone at Paradigm shares a passion for crafting speakers, and it’s from this intense passion where Crafted in Canada was born.

State-Of-The-Art Canadian Manufacturing

Paradigm’s state-of-the-art facility gives us total control over the whole manufacturing process, from cabinet manufacturing and finishing, precision injection moulding, to driver, crossover and voice coil assembly. Paradigm do all the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining of our production parts, prototyping elements and tooling. Finally, Persona is assembled with end-of-line testing that exceeds the audio industry’s tightest tolerances.

Hands-On Quality

This incredible manufacturing space, and the people who work here, have made Paradigm the premier large-scale driver manufacturer on the continent. And it is here that we still do hands-on design, and produce all the woofers and tweeters for Paradigm’s award-winning speaker systems.



Design 6-driver, 3 way centre channel bass reflex

Crossover 3rd order electro-acoustic at 2.5kHz (tweeter/mid); 3rd order 700Hz

Frequency Response

On-Axis +/- 2dB from 43Hz – 45kHz

Frequency Response

30° Off-Axis +/- 2dB from 43Hz – 20kHz

High Frequency Driver 1″ (25mm) Truextent® Beryllium dome, ferro-fluid damped / cooled, Perforated Phase-Aligning (PPA™) Tweeter Lens, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) optimized pole piece assembly

Mid/Bass Frequency Driver 4″ (100mm) Truextent® Beryllium driver, Perforated Phase-Aligning (PPA™) Lens, SHOCK-MOUNT™ Isolation Mounting System, 1″ high-temp voice coil

Low Frequency Driver Four 7″ (178mm) high-excursion X-PAL™ drivers, overmolded Active Ridge Technology (ART™) surrounds, SHOCK-MOUNT™ Isolation Mounting System, 1.5″ high-temp tandem voice coil

Low Frequency Extension 24Hz


Room / Anechoic 93 dB / 90 dB

Impedance Compatible with 8 ohms

Suitable Amplifier Power Range 15 – 500 watts

Maximum Input Power 250 Watts

Finishes High Gloss: Vanta Black, Harmony White

Metallic Gloss: Aria Blue, Sonic Silver

Weight 84 lbs. (38 kg)


HxWxD 10.25″ × 36″ × 16.375″

(26.3cm × 91.4cm × 41.5cm)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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