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Unison Research Now At Class A Audio Unison Research was founded in 1987 by a small group of audiophile enthusiasts led by Giovanni Maria Sacchetti. G.M. Sacchetti was born in 1945 and inherited from his father – an accomplished pianist – both an understanding and passion for music. From a very early age he began to experiment with making amplifiers, which of course in those pre-transistor days were all valve-powered. After completing a degree course in electronics he dedicated himself to teaching for 25 years, whilst at the same time developing and designing all the products for Unison Research. Among the first products to wear the Unison Research badge were the GLOWY, a preamplifier using 5 twin-triodes in an all-valve circuit with both line and phono, and the RULER, a fully solid-state amplifier of 80 watts output per channel. These were followed by the NIMBLY, an all-valve power amplifier using KT88s in push-pull which was switchable between triode and pentode operation to give 25 watts or 50 watts according to the mode selected. The constant search for improvements to sound quality led Unison Research to more profound investigation and experimentation into integrated amplifiers; not because integrated amplifiers are either easier or less expensive to produce but because integration can give real benefits by optimising the interface between pre and power stages, and also by eliminating interconnecting cables which, as well as adding cost, introduce (even in the case of the best cables) some degradation to the sound.

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