PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium KT88 Integrated Amplifier


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• 2 x 36 watt integrated amplifier (Ultralinear mode). 2 x 18 watt in
Triode mode
• 5 x line-level input, 1 x HT bypass input, 1 x sub output, 4 & 8 ohm speaker
• Power section: 4 x KT88 tubes. Pre section: 6 x 12AU7 tubes
• Can also support KT120 tubes, for 2 x 43 watt output (Same bias as KT88)
• Adaptive AutoBias, SoftStart circuit
• Power Transformer Protection & Output Transformer Protection circuits
• Bad Tube Indication circuit, with LED indicators
• Tube-plate fuse, for output protection
• Home theatre pass-thru, direct-line circuitry for connection to HT systems
• Hand-made with finest point-to-point wiring
• Premium parts such as ALPS volume control, Nichicon & Solen capacitors
• Heavy-gauge fully-vented steel chassis, with 5 coat hand-rubbed finish
• Includes system remote control & quick release tube cage

Dialogue is the level above ProLogue. What does that mean? Start with the DiaLogues' transformers. The DiaLogue integrateds tip the scales at nearly 70 pounds! That's about twice as heavy as their ProLogue cousins and most of that weight is found in the iron - the heart of any tube amp. PrimaLuna's global team spent years designing DiaLogue's high-performance power and output transformers and the result is the purest power you can imagine. DiaLogue will easily drive difficult speaker loads and satisfy the demands of any music from Mozart to Metallica with incredible compression, broarder bandwidth, and increased headroom.

The Dialogue Premium Integrated has been constructed with Prima Luna’s usual attention to detail, but with added nice things. They’ve included what they call the Offset Killer Circuit to eliminate mains noise, which is an interaction of DC on the incoming power side creating hum in the toroidal transformers.  One input has been left out to allow a sub-out, while more importantly there are now 3 x 12AU7 tubes per channel instead of two. This gives a supercharge to the driver tubes, and consequently assists the amplifier to achieve better bandwidth,  linearity, and lower distortion, to name just three benefits. The standard fit for the Dialogue Premium are KT 88 tubes, but it can take the better KT120 as an optional upgrade, which not all models can.

And don't forget all the features whcih have made Prima Luna famous:

• Point-to-point wiring
• Soft-Start circuitry and an advanced, conservative design (for extendend life of critical components)
• Premium parts such as ceramic tube sockets, ALPS volume control, Nichicon and Realcap capacitors and WBT-style speaker terminals
• Adaptive AutoBias. (PrimaLuna exclusive), a circuit that constantly reads each tube and as the demand on the tube changes, instantly adjusts bias, bringing the tube back to its sweetspot. Adaptive AutoBias also allows you to use a wide assortment of power tubes, and you never have to make any adjustments or bias tubes - EVER!
Of course, the whole package is bundled into a fully-vented, high-gloss chassis with a hand-rubbed, five-step, automotive-quality finish.
rom Mozart to Metallica with incredible compression, broarder bandwidth, and increased headroom.  

KT120 Tubes
"And the PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium Integrated Amplifier is the first from the PrimaLuna family which has our 100% approval to use the new KT120 power tubes. We have users in the field reporting about favourable results with these tubes in other PrimaLuna models, but we did not actually prepare any of these models for this tube. The power section for the PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium Integrated Amplifier has been prepared for KT120. The amplifier bias switch position for KT88 and KT120 is the same. Since many years we are using again a Russian tube in our PrimaLuna products. We used Sovtek 5AR4 in the beginning for our ProLogue Three preamplifier and ProLogue Eight CD player and Electro Harmonix AU12AX7 in these same PrimaLuna models."

"As these Russian tubes were too “fragile” we switched to Chinese tubes and found these to be more reliable in the long term. I see some noses moving if I write Chinese tubes. We have however a special arrangement with the manufacturer as we are buying so many of their tubes. We call this the PTS – Premium Tube Selection: After we receive the tubes from the manufacturer (who quality-controlled them to be within his specs), these tubes are re-selected by us following our simple 60 out of 100 rule (PTS™ – Premium Tube Selection).The best 60 pieces get the PrimaLuna label, the rest goes back to the manufacturer and are sold elsewhere."

"These 40 are good, but not the best. While matched tubes are not a requirement, it is still recommended if you want to get the very best results. If you want to go N.O.S. (which we cannot due to the limited availability), several other parties offer these, if you wish to upgrade.
KT120 tubes are bought by us as matched Quads and after we receive the tubes we re-test them to be sure nothing went wrong in transport or during the matching process. If specs are met, a PrimaLuna label is added."