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Trigon TRV-100 Preamplifier


The TRV - 100 is a pre-amplifier of high quality with eight high-level-inputs and two separately switchable outputs. Two of the eight inputs as well as one output are supplied in symmetrical design. The inputs 7 and 8 can also be used as input for a tape-recorder because there are also two record-outputs belonging to these two inputs.

Voodoo Air Dragon V Powercord


The Ultimate in AC Powercord Performance

Ultra High Current #6 Gauge Cryo-Alloy™ Conductors

Velocity-Matched Teflon Dielectric Insulation

Advanced Noise Suppression

Holographic Imaging

Refined Musical Presentation

Rhodium/Platinum over Tellurium Copper AC Plug & IEC Connectors

Certificate of Authenticity with Serial Number in Hard-Shell Case

Handcrafted in the USA

FURUTECH FI-AU3112(G) hi end Australian Plugs



AC Power Connector Australia / New Zealand.

Type: 2-Pole + Earth Rating: 10A/250V

Pure copper a (Alpha) Conductor Earth (Ground) Jumper System.

Material: Nylon/fiberglass front body Polycarbonate shell

Specifications: Accommodates cable diameters of 6.6mm to 20.0mm

Dimensions: Body length 40.0mm x 44mm diameter x 80mm overall length

Rated: 10A/250V

Polk Audio CSi A4 Centre Channel Speaker


The CSiA4 is a high performance center channel speaker for smaller rooms and challenging placement situations. It features two 5 1/4-inch Dynamic Balance® drivers, one 1-inch Dynamic Balance dome tweeter for spot-on imaging, seamless soundstage and natural sounding voices.

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Martin Logan SWT- X Transmitter and Receiver


Turn any subwoofer with RCA inputs into a wireless subwoofer with this transmitter/receiver kit. Although correct placement plays a key role in optimizing subwoofer performance, sometimes it imposes the inconvenience (not to mention unsightliness!) of running long lengths of cable through walls, along baseboards or under floors and carpets. To solve the problem, you can make any subwoofer wireless with our SWT-2 kit (digital RF transmission), making cable clutter a moot point!

Trigon TRE 50M Monoblock Power Amplifiers


With its very slim, stylish and elegant design, the TRIGON TRE 50 M mono power amplifier is preferably placed close to the loudspeaker. The over-dimensioned power supply feeds the symmetrically configured amplifier featuring extremely short signal paths. All protection circuit topology is outside of the signal paths.

This ingenious design results in a straightforward gain amplification of symmetric or asymmetric input signals, largely preventing the loudspeaker from taking on “a life of its own”. The TRE 50 M is a true understatement in amplifier design. For added convenience it offers a clearly legible LED display and advanced trigger options.  



Trigon ADVANCE - phono amplifier for MM and MC systems with integrated battery power supply and external (charger) power supply. Pure battery power when ADVANCE mains interference to the sensitive phono signals and allows uncontrolled technical natural music reproduction.

Devialet Phantom Speaker Devialet Phantom Speaker
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Devialet Phantom Speaker

$2,500 $2,990
750 Watts, 99 dB - Technical Sheet

For the first time, experience ultra-dense sound with physical impact. A power, clarity, and preciseness unlike anything you have ever heard before.

Solo, duo ou multi-room, Phantom plays your music via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.  Let the best sound in the world enter your home

Nordost Purple Flare USB 2.0 Cable


The Purple Flare 2.0 Data Cable is the perfect solution for hifi audio enthusiasts trying to accommodate DACS, especially ones that require micro-B or mini-B connectors. This purpose built USB cable consists of four silver-plated, OFC conductors encased in high performance FEP using Nordost’s innovative extrusion process.

*Availabe in Standard Type A USB 2.0 to Standard A, Standard B, Micro-B, or Mini B*

Polk Audio DSW Pro 440 Wi Subwoofer


What’s compact, and fires down or front,  if you want it to? The DSWPRO440wi. Put it in a corner, or inside a cabinet. No other subwoofer gives you the placement flexibility of this smart, powerful subwoofer. It’s the easiest way to add deep bass excitement to any system, including a compact speaker array or a sleek SurroundBar® installation. 

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Tara Labs Apollo Digital RCA Cable


The TARA Labs Apollo digital audio cable is an excellent choice of digital cable for a wide range of components. Why do digital cables sound different or possible better? The most significant reason for the different sound in digital recording and playback systems is the phenomenon of "errors". The most widely known error is called "jitter".



 This is designed specifically for the stereo transmission of line level analogue or digital balanced audio signals. This product utilises design concepts from the Audio phono interconnect such as oxygen-free silver plated conductors and 24k gold plated connectors. This cable is ideal for connecting high-end Digital to Analogue Converters to your amplifier or receiver using the AES3 connector.

Exposure 1010 CD Player


• Output Level : 2V RMS
• Frequency Response : 20Hz - 20KHz ± 0.25dB
• Total Harmonic Distortion : <0.008%, at 1KHz, 0dBFs
• Signal to Noise Ratio : >95dB, A weighted
• Digital Outputs : "Toslink" Optical
• Mains Supply : 110/120V or 220/240V, 50/60Hz (factory set)
• Power Consumption : <15W
• Dimensions - H x W x D : 90mm x 440mm x 300mm
• Nett Weight (unpacked) : 5kg
• Gross Weight (packed) : 7kg